How to search for a word in all my notes and automatically convert it into a tag?

Greetings, I am new to obsidian and I have a lot of notes.
I need more connection between them and I want to know if there is a way to search for a word in all the notes (inside them, not only in the titles) and automatically convert them into tags.

Thank you very much. Spock.
Long life and prosperity. :vulcan_salute:

Some alternatives:

  1. Install Global search and replace, search for word and replace it with word.

  2. Here’s a discussion about other methods:
    Global (Mass / Vault-wise) search & replace - #14 by silkyteabags

  3. Here’s a script foldertag

  4. Also last but no least you can use quick tagger plugin, to search word, right click on results and add tag #word. It would not replace the word, but is an alternative.

I would use Notepad++ to search/replace in files

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