How to search all the taged line within a note?

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What I’m trying to do

I try to get a list of all the content with any tag within the a note (e.g. [[note_name]]), the expected lines look like:
abc efg, #tag1
kkkmmmnnn #tag1 #tag2

Things I have tried

currently, I uses:

file:(note_name) /#.*/

This will provide all the content with any tag within the the [[note_name]] note. However, it will also returns/matches header link like:

I also tried

file:(note_name) tag:*


file:(note_name) tag:/.*/

but they don’t match any tag.

How can I improve the search term?

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As a rough start which I haven’t tested, try adding a space and/or start of line:

/(^| )#[^# ]+/

I also changed the dot to a “not # or space” (there are other characters that should be excluded too for strict correctness).

The tag: operator unfortunately doesn’t accept regular expressions (there should have been a little message about this in the interface when you tried it).

You could try using something like: file: "note name" line: /(^| )#[^#]\S+/

This will return results from the named file, on a given line which is either at the start of the line or having a space before, and doesn’t consist of more than one hash sign with at least one non space character as part of the tag.