How to scan, print

Just installed today and LOVE Index - Obsidian Help – this is about the 7th app I’m trying in the last week and the FIRST app with good resources.

But searching for print and then scan got me nothing.

I suspect it’s right there and I’m not seeing it (brain damage).

Thanks for any pointers!

If you are on the desktop app, then you can export to PDF. Then you can print that PDF.

I don’t know about scanning. There is nothing built-in to do this. I guess you’d have to scan an image, and then drag it into Obsidian.


That is so surprising. Thought scanning in docs would be the first thing everybody would want to speed things up.

And who wants to print their notes to pdf first? Additionally, that greatly increases clutter, unless you delete the pdf right away.

I’ve never had an app that wouldn’t print.

I used Obsidian a bit last night and it might work well as my new PIM and was FINALLY going to scan a lot of paper.

I suppose taking pictures with the phone that are automatically moved to my notebook could easily be copied/pasted into O. But then they’re not searchable until OCRd. Again way too much work. But might work for some not-so-important stuff.

Obsidian’s target use case is textual notes, think more personal wiki than bulk storage like Evernote or DEVONthink. If you are wanting a digital filing system, I’d reach for one of those two (I use DEVONthink).


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