How to safely add Zoottelkeeper to existing folder note setup?

Things I have tried

Only research.

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to click any of my Obsidian folders and have them show their contents in a pane, and I want to be able to add notes to some of them.

I’ve been using AidenLx’s Folder Note and Folder Note Core to make folders so I can click them and add notes.

Now I’ve learned I can use @akos0215’s Zoottelkeeper (abbreviated here as “ZK”) to automatically put links to each folder’s contents in my folder notes. But the README warns that “manually created folder notes may be overwritten by Zottelkeeper”.

Once Zoottelkeeper is established in my vault that shouldn’t be a problem, but I have many existing folder notes. What is the easiest way to start using Zoottelkeeper without destroying them (and ideally without using Templater)?

I think the best option — if it’s safe — is to insert ZK’s file-list markers at the end of each folder note before I enable ZK. I should be able to do this with a script or something; even without automation it shouldn’t take too long.

If that won’t work, I could start using ZK with a prefixed name scheme (so ZK notes don’t clash with folder notes), manually copy the existing folder note contents into the ZK notes, then change the ZK name scheme to prefix-less. I don’t know if ZK automatically renames existing notes when you change the name scheme, but if not I can do that.

Or if I had to I could move my folder notes out of the vault, start using ZK, and then manually copy the info back into the new folder notes.

A search (path:/([^\/]+)\/\1\.md/) tells me I have 156 folder notes, so the last 2 options would be tedious but doable.

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