How to reset vault encryption password?

Things I have tried

Hi guys,

Recently, I need to reconnect my sync access on another device. I forgot my vault encryption password to access my sync folder. I am using sync service from the Obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

I already try to use my obsidian account password, and also my forum password as well, but it didn’t work (as discussed on the forum).

I also couldn’t find how to reset it. Any hint about this? Many thanks in advance.

When you set up a new sync vault you can choose your own password or have Obsidian manage it. Both options say it can’t be changed later. That reads to me as it can’t be reset.

The documentation says:

If you forget or lose your custom encryption password, your data remains encrypted and unusable forever. We’re not able to recover your password, or any encrypted data for you.

Further down:

What happens if I forget my encryption password?

It will take some time but the steps are there.

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