How to replace/delete text throughout entire vault

Things I have tried

I’m new to Obsidian, Slipbox notes, smart notes, etc. And I’ve found myself needing to retroactively make changes regarding [[links]] and #tags. For instance, I’ve started out by creating pages to individual chapters of the Bible, thinking it would be useful to see how different ideas connect to the same chapter, and maybe find some new insights that way.

I had the same idea with years. I’m always interested in timelines, so I thought tagging each year I come across as an individual page would be helpful to see how different events converged @ similar times.

However, all these chapters and years are really clogging up my graph view. And so far these pages havn’t been useful.

Just going into my vault and deleting the files won’t help because I’ll still have hundreds(?) of links to these pages.

What I’m trying to do

Are there any programs that are useful for doing mass “find and replace” for lots of text files.

I think my solution will be to delete the chapter files (they contain no notes currently), and replace all instances of these page’s wikilinks with tags.

Any suggestions or other ideas?

It won’t help you with everything you need to do but the tag wrangler plugin may help with some of it.

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" Are there any programs that are useful for doing mass “find and replace” for lots of text files."

Try this one, that should do the trick: grepwin download |

If you install Code from Microsoft you can use Ctrl - shift - H to search and replace I believe.

Notepad++ can do mass search and replace.

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Thanks for bring this up. I’ll check it out.

Oh perfect, I already have that. Thanks.

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