How to render PDF-View in Note-Content with Dataview

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to render a PDF-View in Note-Content using Dataview from myPDF.pdf. I’m currently learning Dataview documentation. I’m just a beginner and not a pro!!! I’m a software developer.

What works…

Pictures in form of $= let full_path = ...; dv.container = '![](' + img_path + ')' in Note content can Dataview display. I had little help from the forum Using metadata of pictures inside the note.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to render a PDF in a note content using Dataview. It’s quite difficult to render with a Markdown processor that creates a PDF-View. I could copy the entire HTML part of the PDF view that renders a PDF view and change the source location path to myPDF.pdf.
But it is very static and very hard coded!

So I search on the internet but can’t find a solution that helps.

Things I have tried

I’m simply trying to render a PDF in a note content using Dataview to get a PDF view using myPDF.pdf: ='![[myPDF.pdf]]' or $='![](myPDF.pdf)' or $= dv.container = '![](myPDF.pdf)'. Nothing works :confused:

Can anyone help or give me andvices? Thank you

Best regards,

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