How to render 'Pasted Graphic' text as the image?

Hi There,

After converting from Apple Notes, some images display great but others only display as ‘Pasted Graphic’. If I click the ‘Pasted Graphic’ text, the image opens in a new window.

How do I display the images instead of the text? See attached for what I see instead of the image.

Sorry if this is simple, have searched but might be using the wrong search terms.

Any help much appreciated.

.tiff files aren’t on the recognized files list:

You could export or convert the image(s) to one of the accepted formats using an image editing app. You can then remove the .tiff files from your Obsidian vault.

Apple’s Preview app (on desktop) should be able to export them as another format.

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Thank you. Do you know why/how they were converted to .tiff files? Or is that how Obsidian pastes graphics - as .tiff files?

These were all jpg and png files (downloads from the net like the other images). It’s weird - no?

Yeah, strange. How did you convert from Apple Notes? Using the Obsidian importer?

I just copied an image from one of of my Apple Notes and it pasted as a .png file into Obsidian, so manual copy/paste on iOS seems fine at least.

Thanks for that. Yes, just used the importer. It’s weird that some are fine and others are not, and that it states ‘Pasted Graphic’ because they weren’t pasted separately after importing.

Anyway, will just open and replace them with .png files. Cheers, Ben

Yeah, that’s a pain. Hopefully there aren’t too many.

The Importer issues page is here: Issues · obsidianmd/obsidian-importer · GitHub You could have a look there, and if you have time, make a post. Indeed, it is strange that some are okay and others are not.

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