How to remove old vaults from the right-click menu of macos dock?

Hi everyone,
I’m using obsidian on macos and would like to know if anyone knows how to remove old vaults from the menu you get when you right click the dock icon.

The first two one are old vaults.
Even if the new vaults have the same name and are in the same folder, clicking them won’t open them.

I already tried uninstalling obsidian, but they reappear even after that.
Does anyone knows how to delete them ?

The list of recent vaults can be cleaned up by choosing “Clear Recent”. :+1:t3:

The list will fill back in as you open them again.


@ariehen - I’ve seen this asked both here and on Reddit. Could this be added to the Help documentation vault? Are help docs additions a “feature request” or is this as good a place to post this as anywhere? Thank you.

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The dev team handles the Sandbox contents and the documentation. I haven’t really seen anything written up specifically for mac or Windows beyond hotkey differences. For typos, mistakes, and suggestions in the official documentation, you can submit them here: obsidian docs

That said, I too have seen this same question three or four times in the same many months. I wonder if an “Obsidian mac tips” post here in the forum would be useful :thinking:

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Thank you @ariehen.

Perhaps a more encompassing “TIL” (today I learned) pinned thread allowing members to post tips, etc. Then, one could delineate each post w/ an #all, #linux, #macos or #windows tag or some other way to allow for quick finding of one’s particular Operating System. Perhaps, also defining the acceptable use for the thread to ONLY general Obsidian tips and NOT plugin, theme, etc.

If someone wanted to start that thread, I’ve got a handful of “tips” I would love to share.

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