How to remove my nested tags?

Hello everybody!
I’d like to remove my nested tags. I tried Tags Wrangler, but it seems not possible to make that operation. Any idea of how to achieve it?
Thanks for your help.

By “remove” do you mean you want to un-nest them (#nested/tag to #nested #tag), to delete the nested part (#nested/tag to #nested), or to delete them entirely (#nested/tag to nothing)?

I’d like to un-nest all my tags.

I think you’ll probably need to use either the Global Search and Replace plugin or a separate app (like VS Code or BBEdit) that can search and replace across files.

(“Un-nest tags” would also be a good feature request to post as an issue on Tag Wrangler’s GitHub if someone hasn’t already.)

Maybe the Tag Generator plugin partially meets your needs: HananoshikaYomaru/obsidian-tag-generator: Break down nested tags into multiple parent tags (

There is the Tag Buddy plugin too: moremeyou/Obsidian-Tag-Buddy: A collection of tag functionalities for Obsidian. (


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