How to remove empty left margin?

Things I have tried

How to reproduce: Create a new Vault, new folder and new note, then type. You will see a large empty left margin. See the attached screen shot:

What I’m trying to do

I am new to Obsidian and love the concept and want to use it full time. I created a new vault and folder, then created a new note but there is a large empty left margin in the note on the page.
How can I remove this empty left margin?

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Hi John, fellow user here. It sounds like you may want to try turning off the “readable line length” option, which limits the width of the text to a single column. Turning it off will cause the text to take up the whole pane.


Craig - You absolutely ROCK! I am so eager to dig into how best to use Obsidian!
Thank you for such a quick response!

John H

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