How to reconcile shifting note contents over time with the static context of existing internal links?

The contents of an evergreen note should shift over time as one’s thinking evolves. Sometimes this just involves elaborating on the pre-existing theme of the note, but other times the main idea of the note itself can shift in subtle ways, such as in a subtle shift in emphasis or shade of meaning.

While this is all well and good for the evergreen note itself, it potentially poses a problem for existing links to that note in one’s PKM.

One specific way this can manifest is if one changes the note title (and uses the Obsidian option of updating links in all other notes to reflect the change), this can interfere with the grammar of sentences in other notes that contain internal links to the note, as e.g. discussed here.

But that issue can present in a more general way that is not limited to just messing with the grammar of sentences that contain links. The semantic context in which the link to the note was originally created presupposes the original content of the note is X, and so subtly shifting the shade of meaning / emphasis / etc. of the note at a later date to X’ could importantly modulate the meaning or validity of the original link.

The obvious solution might be to just leave the note for X alone and create a new note for X’ and link the two together. But this then robs the X’ note of the rich backlink structure contained in the note for X, which still might be relevant. And it could be cumbersome to create new instances of a note every time there is some subtle shift in meaning or emphasis one wishes to create.

Basically this is a problem of how to evolve one’s entire network of knowledge related to some idea X in one’s PKM over time. It’s more complicated than just editing the note for X and updating all the links to X if its title is changed. I’m finding this is more and more of an issue for me as my PKM grows and matures over time. I’m curious what other people’s thoughts and experiences with this dynamic are.

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A way to guard against this would be to check the backlinks (with context previews visible) for anything that might be affected when you make changes like those you describe.