How to quickly insert the current date or time in Obsidian?

I tried to find the help file and found no relevant instructions. Searching for the date or time keywords here also yielded no results.

I want to add the current time or date when taking notes. Are there any shortcut keys or commands that can be implemented?

Try the Natural Language Dates plugin. It adds a command to pick a date from a calendar and will transform what you write after an “@” into a properly formatted date.

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You can also use the “Insert Current Date” and “Insert Current Time” commands from the Natural Language Dates plugin, assigning these to whatever hotkeys you like. Also, if you go into the preferences for that plugin, you can choose the desired date/time format. I use this to quickly insert the current time-of-day using command-shift-T. It works brilliantly.


I have a template that I use throughout the day:


  1. CMD T
  2. D (the name of the template)
  3. Enter



Depending on your platform, you could use a third party app to bind keystrokes to expand to the desired results. For example, on macOS, I’ve set ;sdt as a keystroke to expand as STAMP DATE TIME (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM) using Keyboard Maestro.


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I use templates to. Where ever I am in a file and want the date or time, I insert template, choose my Date or Time template, and insert.

In the templates, {{date}} and {{time}} get parsed to the current date or time, and inserted as text into your file.

They’re less “page” templates and more like “snippets” that can be any size and inserted in any file anywhere.

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I’m using Alfred snippet for this kind of “smart” and frequently used content.
I also create some templates for the text whose content is almost static and is used only a few times a day or a week.

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