How to query for a note property with a space in it using Dataview

What I’m trying to do

With Obsidian V1.4 and the properties overhaul, we can now have properties with spaces in them. My example is: “Note Type:”. However, from what I’ve tried Dataview doesn’t accept my query for the property due to the space in the middle, and perhaps the colon.

Without changing my property to remove the space, is there any workaround I can do to get Dataview to recognise my property? Or is there any alternative plugin that might recognise the space in the property?

If not I might have to wait for Obsidian to natively support databases. Thank you to whoever answers this :slight_smile:

If you do $= dv.span(dv.current()) it’ll show you all that dataview knows about the current note, including which fields it has recognised and the normalization of those fields/properties.

How to further use this depends a little on what that query report backs, but in some cases you could do something like row["with space"] to dereference it.

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Or you can query by the normalized property name: lower case and spaces replaced with dashes, e. g. note-type

This is covered in FAQ


Unfortunately, it seems Data view recognises the property as having a colon in it, which isn’t able to be queried for. What I think I’ll have to do is use a bulk editor, such as Notepad++ to remove the colon from all my properties.

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