How to query footnotes with Dataview?

I want to collect some footnotes, based on a tag within the text of the footnote.

Things I have tried

I have some footnotes and inserted tags in the text. I can’t figure out how to query them with Dataview. I tried changing the formatting of the footnotes to be lists, or tasks, but the queries still didn’t work (came up empty) until I removed the part of the list item that makes it a footnote:


Put another way, this doesn’t work:

- [ ] [^1]: [[When does the Federal program begin? What year?]] #orq 

But this is returned in my query results:

- [ ] : [[When does the Federal program begin? What year?]] #orq 

I’m sorry to say that I think you’re fresh out of luck, and that footnotes are not a dedicated element targetable by dataview.

You could do some trickery with inline fields I reckon, but a feebly attempt shows a little funky behaviour when doing so. So I don’t think you easily can do that (unless you go down the route of actually reading the entire text of the note and parse it yourself (not recommended for the faint of heart)).

Okidoki, thanks holroy. Good to know that I’m not missing a feature or simple hack. :smiley:

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