How to query bullet list that dont start with timestamps and indent them under filename?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to query all bullet lists in my daily notes that don’t start with - [HH:mm] (journal)
only normal lists - (fleeting thoughts)
I love to see all of them queried under their specific date (file title or date property).
If there’s a way to filter only lists under my ## Entries heading. Would be even better

  • 2023-08-11
    • Fleeting thought one
    • Fleeting thought two

Things I have tried

I got the idea from this query I found somewhere in the forum
The query finds every parent bullet that has a date and children bullets that have a specific filter.
I tried messing with this but my knowledge is quite limited.

LIST rows.topicText
FLATTEN file.lists as item
FLATTEN filter(item.children, (l) => contains(l.tags, "#quote")).text as topicBase
FLATTEN topicBase + " (" + + ")" as topicText
WHERE meta(item.section).subpath = "Entries" 
  AND regexmatch("\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}", item.text)
GROUP BY item.text

The one I’m using to query all bullets without grouping them into their date is this one. Entries that start with - [HH:mm] are already filtered. But theres two problems with it. 1 - It queries tasks too. 2 - When - [HH:mm] is filtered, it doesnt show the content, but the table line still appears

TABLE WITHOUT ID regexreplace(Lists.text, "\[.*$", " ") AS Notes, AS Related 
WHERE file.lists 
FLATTEN file.lists AS Lists

How the query looks like

PS: how do I learn about building dataview queries? The documentation doesn’t have anything about most of this

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