How to pull section from weekly note into a daily note?

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What I’m trying to do

I have Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Notes.

I am trying to set a primary Objective from the top down which I want to pull into the next order of notes but I do not have a clear grasp of using moment() right now.

For example
Annual review - FOCUS is to lose 20 lbs
Quarterly review - Annual FOCUS section has a Dataview query that pulls Annual FOCUS is to lose 20 lbs.

Quarterly Focus - Learn how to cook 10 meals
Monthly review - Quarterly FOCUS section has a Dataview query that pulls Quarterly FOCUS to cook 10 meals


Things I have tried

Right now I am trying to pull my Weekly Focus into my Daily note template but I cannot find a way to use moment to only set a time range basically

rows.Details as "The One Thing This Week"
WHERE contains(log, == moment(tp.file.title, "gggg-[W]ww")
FLATTEN log as Details
WHERE contains(Details,
GROUP BY as Source
SORT desc

Unless you’re trying to do something DataView-specific that you didn’t mention (or quite possible I’m misunderstanding your note structure), I would embed the relevant section. So if the section of the weekly note is named “Focus”, then in your daily note template you’d put

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll try that!

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