How to properly install an external library for Plugin development?

Dear all,
I’m trying to develop a plugin for Obsidian. I’m new to Typescript so kindly bear with me if my questions are too fundamental. The plugin I want to build is an automatic keyword extractor. So I would like to input some text and get relevant tags for that input text.
I have found a library that does just this. I’m not able to load this library properly.

What I have done till now

  • I run the following command to install the package in the root of my plugin folder
    npm i rake-js

I ran it again to grab a screen shot and I got the following

  • Then I import the rake library in the main.ts like this import rake from 'rake-js'

  • Then I run npm run dev. I get the following error
    (!) Plugin typescript: @rollup/plugin-typescript TS1192: Module '"/Users/myName/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/MyVaultName/.obsidian/plugins/auto-tagger-obsidian/rake-js"' has no default export.

  • What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Feel free to ask for more details :slight_smile: