How to properly and consistently indent lists?

I’m looking for a way to properly indent lists. I don’t consider indenting with tabs because I have thousands of notes for 3 years and I never used Tabs. Because I’m a programmer and I know that tabs is a mess. Also, according to Markdown spec, the indentation is done using 4 spaces.

I couldn’t find a way to style lists using CSS because some JavaScript sets absolute numbers on the elements:

I wonder what those numbers are and how to adjust them?

Sorry, I don’t quite understand the question. If you’d like to use spaces to indent sublists, disable Settings > Editor > Indent using tabs. If you want to adjust the CSS styling of lists, hopefully someone who knows more about using CSS in Obsidian than I do will come along (if not, you can often get a fast response in the #appearance channel of Obsidian’s Discord).

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