How to process this with Templater (community plugin) instead of Templates (core plugin)

I have this line in my daily template

![[Weekly Review {{date:YYYY}}-W{{date:ww}}#This week]]

It is processed by the core plugin ‘Templates’. It finds the Weekly Note and transcludes the ‘This week’ section from in in my daily note. So far, so good.

I’d like to learn: how is this done with Templater (the community plugin)?

Many thanks

Derived the answer from: Get Started With Obsidian Periodic Notes and Templater | Kevin Quinn

var fileDate = moment(tp.file.title); 
// moment dates are mutable 
let prevDay = moment(fileDate).subtract(1, 'd').format('YYYY-MM-DD'); 
let nextDay = moment(fileDate).add(1, 'd').format('YYYY-MM-DD'); 
let yearLink = fileDate.format('YYYY'); 
let quarterLink = fileDate.format('YYYY-[Q]Q'); 
let monthLink = fileDate.format('YYYY-MM'); 
let weekLink = fileDate.format('gggg-[W]WW'); 
let navStr = `![[100 Journal/Weekly/Weekly Review ${weekLink}#This Week]]`; 
tR += navStr

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