How to Process Daily Notes

Hey everyone!

I’ve been on my PMK journey for a few months now and I really like using the daily notes plugin to just have a scratch pad for things, however I have some questions about what to do with these scratch pads after the day is over?

Should these actually be living in an inbox of sorts and my goal should be to extract and fleeting thoughts in them into permanent notes (and thus actually deleting these daily notes after processing)? I know much of a PMK workflow is personal, but I wanted some suggestions from others who have been doing this much longer than I have.

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I think you don’t need to delete any daily-note file. Someday you will want to search events you experienced and daily-notes will serve you exactly.

I often do a quick reflection at the end of day (or working hours). This time i will clean up the note, see what i’ve done or what in progress. If I got ideas i will add to other place or a new note to process later.

It’s also great if you do weekly and month note based on the daily-notes :wink:

Hope this help you a little.

I like this approach, and was thinking about trying something similar. In my brain I’ve been calling it my “shutdown sequence” for work lol. Thanks for the reply!

I’d be inclined to pull out anything useful or notable into more specialized notes. But I wouldn’t delete the originals because I like having a record of my process (not for any real practical reason). If you don’t extract everything of value, at least it’ll still be there in the daily notes where you have a chance to find it via search.

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For me it depends on what you use Daily Notes for.
I use them to ground myself at the start of the day - I link in notes I want to read each morning such as my goals, principles, morning prayer, etc.
Then I have a short to-do list of morning routine items such as exercise and meditation.

So I don’t usually go back to them often - they serve their purpose when the day is over. On some mornings I’ll look at yesterday’s Daily Note to see how the day went, and on some Sunday’s I’ll scan through my Daily Notes from the week gone by to see how it went.

I don’t think you need to delete them.

I do think it’s a good idea to extract any fleeting thoughts at the end of the day, if you’re using them for this and have notes worth extracting :slight_smile: