How to print PDFs in dark AnuPpuccin theme?

What I’m trying to do

I have AnuPpuccin installed and I really want Obsidian to print my pdfs like they look inside of the aplication.

Things I have tried

Searching through Style Settings plugin’s settings for AnuPpuccin theme and I found there is an option for styling PDFs HOWEVER it only chooses the LIGHT THEME that is selected in the background but not used in the application. So AnuPpuccin does actually style PDFs but I don’t know how to force it to style them using the dark theme.

If you want to export the PDF with an actual dark page/background, you’ll need to use a PDF export snippet.

There were some PDF export changes recently that broke the original snippet, but I believe Zamsyt has updated their snippet and it’s working now. Give that a try.

Tried it and unfortunately it doesn’t use the AnuPpuccin dark theme and also doesn’t color text properly. Black text on white background remained black in this dark theme and is hard to read.


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