How to preview contents of a Excalidraw or Canvas hovering over to study topics?

What I’m trying to do

I am learning obsidian and want to use it to learn/study a topic. I am a visual learner and mind maps is how I like to learn a topic. My current workflow is that I use AI to generate a mindmap for topics. I want to than add description/explanation/content to each topic. In a mindmap I want to see the overall map and when I hover over the topic (prefereably, if not possible clicking on it is OK as a second option) see a preview of the topic, almost like flashcards. How do I do this?

Things I have tried

I spent quiet a bit of time playing with Excalidraw and Canvas, and can not figure out if this is possible. I did not look at Excalibrain, may be thats an option?

thank in advance for any advice.