How to prevent ‘Excalidraw’ from generating a YAML tag in each file?


I’ve tried looking everywhere on the web, and looked at every setting possible - but can’t see any toggle switch that says “no embedding tag”

I opened some of the files in Text Edit and I can see the tag there in each one.

I would love a nice clean tag pane with no system-generated tags - just my own, uk

Thanks for any help!

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I want full control over my tag namespace.

I know right. It’s annoying

Yo, I just solved my own problem lol

Since nobody was able to help, I went, thought, and tried to figure it out by myself. And I found that, in order not to have that excalidraw tag automated in each and every drawing you make, you have to create the excalidraw template file and edit it.

Let me explain:

  • All excalidraw drawings you create use a specific template. This one, to be more specific:

excalidraw-plugin: parsed
tags: [excalidraw]

==⚠  Switch to EXCALIDRAW VIEW in the MORE OPTIONS menu of this document. ⚠==

# Drawing
  • What you have to do is edit that template (remove the “tags: [excalidraw]”)
  • To do that you create a new file (not excalidraw drawing) in your vault, and you name it “Template.excalidraw”
    - You can really name it whatever, but I think it’s better if you do it like this
  • Then, you copy and paste the template I shared with you earlier on that new file you just created.
  • Make the changes you want on it (removing the “tags: [excalidraw]”)
  • Now, locate Template.excalidraw (if you named it like that) to where you want it to be in your vault (e.g. under X folder)
  • Then, go to the Excalidraw Plug-in Settings, and describe the Template.excalidraw (again, if you named the file like that) location in your vault (e.g. Extras/Templates/Template.excalidraw) on where it says, “Excalidraw template file”
  • And there you have it :slight_smile: Create a new Excalidraw drawing, and you’ll see the changes occured

Also, an advice @jeetsukumaran: Remember, if you don’t know how to do something, you go figure it out. Don’t give up hope when there’s no person to help, ok


My bad, on the template I shared, it’s “```” right before the last “%%,” not just “``”

@TheHunch I solved your problem (How to prevent 'Excalidraw' from generating a YAML tag in each file?), bro!

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