How to prevent data lost

Simple question with potential simple answers. But it is more difficult. I have lost my template-path and all files in it.

You can notice this very quickly because you use these files every day. But a deeply nested folder that you use very rarely, you will notice much too late that it is no longer there. How could I prevent it?

My idea is, to count every day all files with a script and compare these amounts day to day. Huge differences are easy noticeable. Any other ideas?

What I’m trying to do

This is what version control is designed to do. If you keep your vault in version control - git, mercurial - you’ll know when and what things change.


I will also try an MD5 hasher and a script that reports the changes in an md file in Obsidian to me daily. As a “todo”-file, it reminds me to check in.

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