How to parse an entire website (html)

Hello everyone:
I have an old website which is pure html and the majority of its pages have links that are referenced to themselves. Is composed about 500 pages.

I want to change the link href=internal-page.html to [[internal-page]]

I tried HTMLas (Nirsoft) to strip html, but still far from “good enough”.

Any ideas?

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Cool idea!

I could have used something like this back when I was converting various software documentation sets into personal vaults in Obsidian. I created this help topic back then: Is it easier/better to convert .htm software documentation to .md or save PDFs and link manually?

In the end, I was able to make things work using some search and replace with a little regex. I actually recently explained my process, if you are interested. Not sure it’s actually relevant for you, but here’s the link: Note Composer: links to blocks and headers should be updated when extracting - #10 by I-d-as

Good luck!

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Thanks so much bro, love your nickname, I-d-as. Will check it out and share. Best and Greatest for All.

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You’re welcome! Thank you.

Like explained in the second link from my earlier reply, you could first back up your vault, then open it in VSCode and use the Edit>Replace in all files command with regex toggled on to search for


and replace all occurrences with


Hope this helps. Again, make sure you save a backup first. And I recommend reviewing all the occurrences that will be altered before making the commitment.

Keep us posted. Good luck!