How to output cross-reference correctly via the Pandoc plugin

I wonder if there is someone proficient in Pandoc to help me out. I’ll be more than grateful for this!

I’ve installed the Pandoc filter pandoc-crossref, and the following are the arguments that I set in this plugin, but it just fails to output cross-reference. The error warning goes like this: “Can’t find executable pandoc-crossref”. I wonder what’s wrong with this and whether it’s a bug or just my fault due to improper settings, for I’ve tried in Terminal where there is no such problem.

(I’m Chinese and that’s why I partly use Chinese in the following. Please feel easy for the file names and the paths that I name in Chinese, I suppose they don’t bother at all.)

--filter pandoc-crossref -M chapters -M figureTitle="图" -M figPrefix="图" -M tableTitle="表" -M tblPrefix="表" --toc --number-sections --toc-depth=3  --citeproc --bibliography=/Users/yutang/Downloads/应用/Zotero插件/Zotero-Pandoc/Biblatex/ZoteroInbox.bib --csl=/Users/yutang/Downloads/应用/Zotero插件/Zotero-Pandoc/CSL-InUse/chicago-author-date.csl --reference-doc=/Users/yutang/Downloads/应用/Zotero插件/Zotero-Pandoc/Reference-Doc/default-reference.docx -M reference-section-title=参考文献

And the error warning:

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