How to Organize Obsidian for Linking Numbered Passages

Hi all,

Been a lurker on here for the past month or two. Fairly new to Obsidian. I found the tool after getting started with “How to Take Smart Notes.”

I’m an academic working broadly in the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world(s). I primarily work on literature and texts.

I’m really interested in doing a zettel-ish system. But I’m trying to determine how to best use tags vs. direct links for being able to access atomic notes on specific passages. I already feel comfortable with what I’ve set up to link across notes, fields, themes, etc. But this passage system is what has me stuck.

For instance, I have a note on Odyssey 8.265-269. I’d like to be able to stumble upon this note the next time I’m working on Book 8 of the Odyssey, but especially these lines. How do you recommend I use links and tags to do this?

I’ve thought about doing [[Odyssey 8]].265-269, but for my work that seems too general.

The same could be said for any text organized by chapters, books, lines, or verses (I spent way to long thumbing through the discussion on here about Organizing the Bible. This serves as another great example. If I had a note on a portion of the Bible, say, Deuteronomy 32:7-8… how can I avoid linking in an excessively narrow way by which I won’t be linking my notes enough, but on the other hand, avoid creating such generalized links that the connections are no longer profound?

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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Maybe with headings? So the source is the Note title, and the heading is the line number within the text. Such as: Deuteronomy#32:7-8

You could also do this with block references. I would prefer the former, assuming you already have text that is numbered as such.

You may also want to search the forum for other topics on bible study, e.g., Organising The Bible in Obsidian.

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