How to open page from graph view?

I can’t seem to figure out how to open a page from the graph view. Is it possible to replace the open page and is it possible to open a second window from graph view? Thanks for any help.

It should just be clicking—is clicking on a note “node” not working for you?

No, Ryan, it changes every open item such as outline, graph, and backlinks, but not the document page itself. I tried shift-click and ctrl-click and these don’t work either.

Do you have any community plugins enabled? Sliding panes maybe? My guess is that it’s opening the new pane to the right, hidden from view.

I installed sliding panes but that never worked. Couldn’t figure that out either.

What specifically about it never worked? Depending on the Sliding Panes features you’ve enabled, you may have to scroll horizontally across your open notes.

So the Obsidian → Settings → Third-party plugins → Safe mode is OFF?
What OS? What Obsidian version?
Does the rest of graph fade out when hovering over node?
Does closing and reopening global graph pane help?
Does it work on small vault?