How to open links of a side panel page in the main window in v0.15.6?


I use to have a page located on the side left pane containing all my quick links (cf. “Sidebar” in the image below). It allows me to have a favorites but with a little more possibilities (dataview list, having a more ergonomic list when you have a lot of links, etc).

However, since the release of the v0.15.6, the links of this left side pane won’t open anymore in the main page. I can only whether open the link in a new pane or open directly within this left side pane.

Does anyone know if there is still a way to open the links of a left side pane page in the main page ?


Did you try to pin the page?

If not on the top right corner of the file you will have 3 dots, select pin and drag the page where you want it to stay.


Hi Zektor,

You found the solution ! Thank you so much ! :smiley:

(I thought the change was due to the new version 0.15.6, but I was very probably wrong finally since it is just a question to pin the page).

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