How to open a specific vault from outside Obsidian?

What I want to do is create a global Powershel/hotkey/shortcut file that when executed opens an obsidian window of a specific vault.

I cant seem to find a way to do this. Is the only way to open a vault through the obsidian interface?
I’ve tried to see if there any Cli options that come with Obsidian by running the obsidian.exe with the flag -help:

All that does is check for updates and then opens the Obsidian Vault opening window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

—My hardware–
Windows 11 64bit PC
Surface Pro 6

It looks like you’re on Windows, so you should be able to invoke Obsidian by creating a URL shortcut like the following:


In this case the vault name is “Reference” and the page name is “Typical Obsidian Config” (note each space replaced with a %20 ).

From Powershell:

Start-Process "obsidian://open?vault=Reference&file=Typical%20Obsidian%20Config"

From a command prompt:

start "" "obsidian://open?vault=Reference&file=Typical%20Obsidian%20Config"

Hey first of all thank you so much for your thorough example, I can confirm that it has worked as I wanted it to.

Just a final question, How did you know about this specific way to use obsidian? I am not as savy as most when it comes to these things, I usually default to the docs and if nothing I try the good old Program.exe -help in this case neither helped.

I would love to know if there some place where similar commands are documented, it would help allot. Thanks again.

You’re very welcome! The URL is described in the help docs here:


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