How to obtain forum badge and Discord badge?

Hi Obsidian Team, I would like to know how to obtain the badge for the forum and discord?
When I purchased the license I had already a forum account but no Discord account. Is there a way to get the discord badge afterwards? And when does the forum badge gets active? Licensing is working as I got access to the insider builds…
Both accounts are named “Huechtex”…
Thanks in advance!

Regards Stefan

Pinging @Silver

Thanks @sam.baron!

Sure, I can help with that @Huechtex. There are 3 Discord users named “Huechtex” though, could you tell me the last four numbers to identify you please?

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Hi @Silver,

I think you mean this numbers: image ?

Strange thing anyway, that there another 2 Huechtex accounts exist. I had some problems joining discord (the birthday dialog did not work), so it may be that the other two accounts are orphaned one from my tries to join… If you could see if they are for my email address and are created at the same time then you could delete them.

Thank you!

BG Stefan

I can’t see your email because it’s private, but I think I’ve added Supporter badge to your Discord. Let me know if you don’t see the name of your name change!