How to move the daily note into a specific date

I’m a bit slow at figuring out how to move a daily note into a certain folder.
Drag and drop does not work so I must have my settings still off.

Tried using the Templates instructions
and made the edits in

Daily note location

What am I doing wrong?

Drag and drop should work. What happens when you try it?

In your settings you have “New file location” set to the “Monthly” folder inside “AA Daily Notes”. Is that where you want your daily notes?

Templates settings won’t help you move files. I assume you’ve seen Daily notes - Obsidian Help but in case not, there it is.

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I automate this with:

  1. Daily notes in a folder called journal (used as the new-file location)
  2. A template file in templates/jouranl template
  3. Using YYYY/MM/YYYY-MM-DD-dddd as the date format
    • The first YYYY/MM/ tells Obsidian to file the new note in a year sub-folder inside journal and then in a month sub-sub-folder inside the year. If the year or month folders don’t already exist, Obsidian creates them automatically.
    • The second part of YYYY-MM-DD-dddd sets the note’s name, such as 2023-01-25-Wednesday
    • These parameters can be varied to suit
  4. As an optional extra, I use the calendar plugin to navigate, open, and create daily notes for my journal. I can click any date in the future on the calendar and know that it will create the note in the right year and month sub-folders in my journal folder


Drag and Drop did not work on all attempts. That was my first way of doing it yesterday. Today, now the 25th, it still doesn’t move.

I was trying to set my daily note in each respective ‘Monthly’ note. i.e., All of my February notes for each day should go into that folder.

Yes, I’ve seen, but not tried, the Core plugin for daily notes. Does it sort by month automatically?

This looks great!!! I will try to reformat my settings this way.

PS - @CawlinTeffid @eightning I might end up creating one long monthly note.
It helps me see progress for the whole month…medical reasons etc.
Thanks to both of you once again.

I didn’t realize you weren’t using the core plugin!

The way eightning describes (including the subfolders in the name format) will automatically put the notes in the appropriate month folder.

Thanks, I guess my terminology is confusing. ie., daily note vs. ‘Daily notes’ core feature…

Also, when I started Obsidian, I jumped right in with a new note and slowly played with plugins etc. The daily note has grown into one long note. Now I want to split it up and have future notes sorted by month. Confused???..don’t blame you…so am I.

I learn slower than a sleeping turtle stuck in fresh cement. LOL

“Daily note” is fine, but it helps to mention that you’re using the Periodic Notes plugin to do them.

If your long daily note is divided by headings, I think you can split it with the Note Refactor community plugin. Otherwise you can select the sections manually and use the Note Composer core plugin.

Obsidian has a lot to potentially learn! That can be a little wet–cement-y sometimes.

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Didn’t realize there was such a plugin. The only plugin I use every day is the Natural Languages one that allows me to add today’s date. I put a line in at the end of each day before I close down…then the next day I start by adding the date and continue on through the day…very simple I know.

Oh yeah, you wouldn’t end up with a multi-day note if you were using a plugin to make daily notes. Pardon my confusion! :sweat_smile:

But wait, where are the settings you showed in the original post? I thought those were for either the core plugin or Periodic Notes.

LOL…there is soooo much interwoven language in Obsidian as a general observation.
Looking at the plugin you mentioned and the grammar typo’s are part of my confusion!!! Don’t people know that a proper name has a capital letter to start???
Look at this screen shot and notiice how often there isn’t a capital letter used when referencing a named plugin.

If you mean the description of “Daily notes opener”, I think they are referring to actual notes each time (using “periodic notes” as a catch-all for weekly, monthly, etc.), not to the plugins. Other than those the only uncapitalized plugin name I see is the title of “Daily notes opener”.

But yeah, the overlapping terms can get confusing.

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Just to bug you a bit more, here is a view of my custom format.

This is my dumb routine every day. Tags and URL etc. are in each day’s note for reference.
How much more complex does this need to be?! (No interrobang used here. :slight_smile:

It’s not dumb if it works for you! And if it’s working for you, it doesn’t need to be any more complex.

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