How to move properties below body?

What I’m trying to do

I have a few properties set in a template for some common note types I create. However I don’t see a way to have the properties appear after the body of the note. The body of my notes is far more important than the metadata in the properties, so I’d like the properties to appear at the bottom.

You simply can’t move properties below the body, they are kept in the frontmatter at the start of your note. You can choose to collapse them or hide them, but properties need to be at the start.

However, depending on what you’re using them for you might change them (or some of them) into inline fields, especially if they’re too be used in dataview queries. And I believe a few other plugins understand inline fields as well.

If that’s an option you need to switch to using double colons, and sometimes you’ll need to surround the fields with either square brackets, [ ... ], or round brackets/parentheses, ( ... ). There also various other differences.

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One thing I’ve seen some folks do is to set Settings > Editor → Properties in documentHidden, turn on Settings > Core plugins → Properties view, and then view/edit the file properties in a sidebar (Properties view: Show file properties). Don’t know if that will work for you, but you could give it a try.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll go with @ariehen’s sidebar approach as the path of least resistance. Much appreciated!

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