How to move highlighted text on a note

Things I have tried

I saw Nick Milo do this on a video, but I can not find how to do it. I seem to be stuck with cnt+C and cnt+v and then erasing the first instance of the text.

maybe it’s an easy answer…

What I’m trying to do

CMD X then CMD V

That’s cut and paste, not copy and paste.


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thanks for this. There also must be a plugin or something because I saw Nick do it on a video, and the text was highlighted and on the video it is moved up or down without disappearing first.

He might have been using Swap line up / down. They’re in the command palette and can be bound to hotkeys. They’re getting renamed to something else soon (maybe Move line up?), or have been in the newest version.

You should also be able to drag selected text to a new place with the mouse pointer, but it doesn’t always work for me (maybe you have to hold the pointer down for a bit before moving, I haven’t looked into it yet).

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I tried, but “swap line” does not show up in my command palette, and I can’t seem to do it with my mouse.

thanks for your suggestions.

thanks. I found it. in config/hotkeys set a hotkey for “line up” and “line down” I used CMD + up arrow for up etc

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