How to move 500+ pasted images to a folder without breaking links?


I have 500+ pasted images in various notes. These are all located in the main folder, together with the majority of my notes. Now, I want to get a little organized and have created a folder named Attachments, and I have set this as the attachment folder. This works great for when I paste new images into my notes. However, how in the world do I move all the photos I have previously pasted into notes to this folder, without breaking the links to the notes they are currently linked to?

Thanks a million in advance! :slight_smile:

As long as you move or rename them through Obsidian, nothing* should break!

(*As long as your linking system is built around [[wikilinks]] and not [[paths/relative paths]])

Thanks a lot! I just tried moving one image to the attachment folder, and you are right. It worked great! However, I then selected all the pasted images, right-clicked, and clicked Move file to… in the hope that all the 500+ images would be moved. But only one image was moved. So now my question is: How can I bulk move files to another folder within Obsidian? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Take a backup (always take a backup :slight_smile: ),
then cut/paste with the OS file explorer.
If they are all in the same vault, and if they all have unique names, Obsidian should locate them all again.


Thanks! I did, and I also closed Obsidian before doing it. It worked perfectly. Problem solved!


Glad you got it solved, welcome to Obsidian!

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