How to Modify Font Size for Specific Tags

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What I’m trying to do

Hi All. I’m using the Obsidian to Anki plugin for graduate school classes, and it’s working great so far. I have the plugin set to trigger Flashcards via #flaschards tag, but I’m finding it a bit distracting and wondering if there’s a way to change the font size (or even color) of specific tags? In this way, I could set the size to super small so it’s not as noticeable as other more meaningful tags upon reviewing notes.

Alternatively, I could user another Regexp for cards that doesn’t use a hash tag but the others don’t seem any less intrusive. Ideally, I’d like to specify notes to be used as flashcards with minimal change in the appearance of the note itself.
Link to Plugin: Obsidian to Anki Regex

I think you can do it with a CSS snippet. If you search forum you should be able to find snippets to change the colors of tags, and change one to affect the font size instead. (Older snippets might not work anymore because of a past redesign of Obsidian.)

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