How to minimize the space above headers

Hi! I’m using the following snippet in an effort to shrink the space above the headers in the editing mode, but it’s not working:

	padding-top: 0px;

I’ve also tried margin-top and I’ve tried adding !important but nothing works. Is there some other thing I can try? I’m not sure where the space is coming from, so I don’t know how to minimize it.


Give this a try if you’re on Obsidian v1.3.7+ :frog:

.is-live-preview .cm-content > .HyperMD-header {
    --p-spacing: 0px;

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That worked! Thank you. And I’ll read over that link you included, in case I want to change anything else :+1:

I’ve only read the first screenful of info on that link you included, and already it’s exactly what I needed. I was looking for something like a browser “inspect” and didn’t know where to find it. Developer console!

Thanks again.

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