How to mass-copy notes while removing sensitive information?

What I’m trying to do


I have a couple of notes (~140) that I’d like to duplicate and export out of my vault so I can share them with others. However, parts of these notes contain sensitive information - mostly tagged people and meeting notes/drafts of correspondance. 95% of these notes/drafts are located under uniform section headers, and for the edge cases I’ll probably have to work manually.

I am now trying to think of the best way forward, to extract/redact specific information from a variety of notes.

In the worst case, I could do it the rough and more painful way with Autohotkey, but I’d prefer a more native solution for various reasons.

Any ideas and help are welcome.

Thank you.

If I were in this situation, I would:

  • Develop regular expressions that capture the content you want to remove
  • Copy the files you want to export into a new folder somewhere
  • Open that folder in VS Code
  • Use mass find and replace with regex enabled to replace the sensitive content with nothing
  • Double check each file by hand

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