How to mark past feature requests as addressed

This is not intended to criticize this forum in any way, but rather a suggestion for making it potentially more helpful in communicating the development of new features in Obsidian. Although this is not a common occurrence, I do occasionally come across topics that have been addressed if not directly, in some other fashion.

For new users who may be perusing topics, I think it might be a good supplement to the help to be able to see these topics marked as feature archives with some direct link to the help document page for that specific feature.

Otherwise, they may see requests still marked as requests and think that Obsidian can’t do that. Personally, I feel a little funny making a post requesting that one of my old requests be converted to a feature archive. However, if there were a less public way of flagging your own and perhaps other people’s topics, I think most of this work could be completed by the community rather than burdening the moderators.

I am not sure if topics disappear automatically after a certain length of time, so there may probably be a mechanism in place I am unaware of.

And just to be clear, I see this as a very very minor issue but wanted to make the request in case there was an easy fix already available.

Thanks for keeping this forum such a nice place to visit.