How to manage numbers and economic symbols


I’m trying to manage numbers into my management files and tables but I have some concerns and requests:

  • Is it possible to add the “.” symbol to identify the thousands etc… (example: 600.000 instead of 600000)

  • When the system makes calculation based on my input the results includes a lot of decimals (see examples here below, I put 0.5177 & 829600 and the system gave the first number, but with a lot of decimals useless for me)
    Is it possible to manage the decimals into numbers? in which way?

  • Is it possible to introduce automatically the “€” symbol for economical values? in which way?

Thanks a lot!

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No, No, No.

You have to use Dataview plugin to make calculations or show variables in different way.

I’m not sure which configuration determines number property display format. It seems inconsistent with the number settings in mac.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I tried to explore Dataview plugin but I didn’t found any suggestion to manage in a different way numbers etc…

maybe do you have an example related to it?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

What locale are you using, and in which country are you? What is commonly used as a thousand separator for you, and what is the decimal separator?

For a little more on current standards and options available, see Decimal separator - Wikipedia

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