How to manage ( creating and calling ) tags in callouts

What I’m trying to do

I am new to obsidian. I was working on wiki project that is based on few hundred long transcripts. I need to create topics with quotes from transcript. Currently I search, manually create and pull the callouts in to topics. But the callout text block belongs many, many topics. I am not sure how to go about it. Some callout text blocks , sub callouts too.

It looks to me adding tags to callouts(blocks of text) and some how pull them into a note may ease the workload. Is there easy way to pull out.

Things I have tried

I searched few ways. But no concrete solution came out. Any suggestions is helpful, even the links to articles and so on.

You may want to give a few examples of what you need to achieve and where to automate. To me, the problem currently is not clear, and judging the lack of response thus far, others also may be confused.

You can do this by tagging callout text block with relevant topic. You can do this by adding tags with in text block .

I am sorry for the late reply and not so clear initial post. Here is a simple version of example.

There are two call outs with tags in one file ( in reality I will have few hundred files with callouts and tags etc.) .
ex: I want to create note on ming. That note contains ALL THE CALLOUT block content ( green and blue boxes) that has the tag “ming”.

I have few hundred tags in callout blocks spread across number files. I want to create a Obsidian note per my chosen tag.

Is there any way I can do this using dataview or something like that.

Thank you Johnny04. How do I pull the calloutblock text?