How to make the toolbar at bottom of screen come up

Things I have tried

on my mobile devices the toolbar which contains "adding file" shows up but on my laptop i cannot workout how to make it visible. Not sure what you call it and I help did not mention it as far as i could see

What I’m trying to do

I cannot access on the laptop the tool bar with contains the icon "add file."

If you mean the mobile toolbar, that’s a mobile-only feature, as far as I know. You can use the command pallette, or keyboard shortcuts, or the side-pane icons to do everything the toolbar does.

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That button opens the Quick Switcher; you can find the button for it in the ribbon at the left of the window — it looks like a piece of paper with a tiny magnifying glass.

You can also access it in the other ways listed by shallash.

There’s a plugin called cMenu that adds a bar like the mobile toolbar.

Thanks so much for answering my question. In the mobile tool bar the icon that looks like a paper clip adds a file. Where is that, or what is it called called in the “command palette”.

Thanks so much for answering my question. Thankyou regarding the cMenu - I have downloaded it, and when I understand it more that will be helpful. However where is the equivalent of the paperclip icon “to attach a File”

  • I dont recognise it in any command palette or quick switcher.

I don’t know offhand because I’ve never used that command (at least from the toolbar). Look for the paperclip in Settings > Mobile and the name will be with it.

EDIT: I looked because I was curious: “Insert attachment”.

Thanks so much. I have been able to download the file. really appreciate it.

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