How to make reader mode and edit mode line height look the same

I want the “edit” mode and the “reader” mode to have the same line height for all elements. I tried looking for the correct CSS to fix this but can’t figure it out. I’m using the default theme in dark mode. Its very annoying when I’m at the bottom of a large amount of text and everything shifts when I want to make an edit. Please see this video to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Thanks.



@navy2x i would agree with you making the line height/spacing the same between the two mode is somewhat beyond genpop of obsidian users especially if you use default theme. Most community themes tackle that. So here’s what i have that makes it quite consistent between the two.

i have the margin for the spacing declared as it’s own variable in case you want to increase it somehow.

    body {
        --margin-in-between: 0em;
    /* adjust margin between paragraph and ul/ol */
    div:has(> p) ~ div:has(> p) p {
        margin-top: calc(var(--line-height-normal) * 0.88rem);
        margin-block-end: var(--margin-in-between);
    div:has(p) + div:has(ul,ol) > :is(ul,ol) {
        margin-block-start: var(--margin-in-between);
    /* adjust margin between headers and ul/ol. Had to use 0.88rem because default app's line-height somehow uses hardcoded 1.4 instead on line-height-normal: 1.5 */
    .markdown-rendered :is(h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6) {
        margin-top: calc(var(--line-height-normal) * 0.88rem);
        margin-bottom: var(--margin-in-between);
    .markdown-rendered :has([data-heading]) + div:has(ul,ol) :is(ul,ol) {
        margin-top: var(--margin-in-between);

i think it’s consistent enough…

Thank you! Using this snippet along with the Things theme works great.

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