How to make Obsidian less code-like

Help, is there a toolbar?

Hello everyone, i’m just starting using Obsidian and as a designer i really miss a toolbar or toolbox to help format the text in a easier way than to almost code what i’m writing. I don’t really code so having a button to make things into bold or italic would really help me.

I looked in the obsidian help and in the forum and didn’t really found anything. Sory if the question is bad-written or confunsing, english isn’t my mother language.

I think what you want would/could be provided by plugins in the Community Plugins. For example, the cMenu plugin provides a customizable floating toolbar. Out of the box it has buttons for the common formatting (Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Underline, etc)


Many thanks, i thought i had searched in the Community Plugins, but apparently not.

That looks practical. However, it’s not compatible with the ipad app. :frowning:

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