How to make new files to get created in the folder we want and not in root folder

It is a pain to move new files and reorder them into right structure every time.
Especially when l have not looked into the explorer and had created many notes in a while.

I want to know is there any way that new files automatically get created in desired directory.

My work flow is like:

  • I have grouped notes of each subject in its same folder.
  • l start with the index of topics of the subject, creating notes for each topic.
  • With each note l create, l write down my summary or notes of that topic in that note.

The problem here l face is that, l have to give some time to place the files in proper directory. It is not so easy as in Windows Explorer, because you don’t have option to select multiple files at a time to move or delete.

Set “Default folder for new notes” to “Same as current file” in Settings > Files & Links


Or if you don’t want to start in the target folder, when you’re in a note, you can use hot keys to quickly move a note.

On the Mac, it’s:

  • Command-P to open the Quick Menu
  • “M” to jump to move file
  • Enter to select move file
  • Enter first letter or two of target folder to bring to top of list
  • Enter to move the note there