How to make my text style settings work in pdf exporting?

I’m using The Minimal Theme and have just adjusted the text color like this:


So what can I do to transport these settings to my pdf exporting? If I do nothing, it looks like this:


May be there exists an css snippet that can make it, so help please! thanks a lot!

Have you updated to the latest Obsidian that just came out? PDF font issues should have been fixed.

A snippet would also work but we need to be specific:

Title ← h1(?) # Title red
Something normal ← no change
Something bold ← bold text in red
Something italic ← italic text in light blue (do you know the color hex?)
Something highlighted ← as you are using a dark theme, this one won’t translate well to a PDF. maybe something other than the default yellow?

That’s right. After I have changed the format in light mode the same as the dark mode, my problem has gone. And I noticed that when exporting to pdf with the latest version of obsidian, even using dark mode, the background is still white:

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