How to make multiple keywords link to the same note?

So I’m new to Obsidian. Downloaded it this week. Hello everyone ! :grin:

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to build a fantasy world and I have places that have either multiple names or have different endings due to german grammer when used in different sentences.

When I’m writing text I want to just write and then link the words I typed that have a note to the object that I refer to after I typed the text via backlink or in case this works automatically I haven’t found an option for this either yet.

Anyway an example would be the name of a character let’s call him Bob would be linked [[Bob]] but I want to also have [[Bobs]] car to link to the note of Bob. Now in english you would have Bob’s car but in german there is no _ ’ _ and it’s one word.

I wanna emphasize that this is absolutely crucial to my planned work in obsidian.

Things I have tried

What I did was make a separate note called Bobs and then linked from that Note to Bob but that is a hassle and also clutters up my graph view dramatically because I need more than just one extra ending per note.

Enter the world of aliases…


aliases: Bobs, Bobby

All the fun stuff about Bob!

In another note you could now type either [[Bob]] and get the direct link, or if you just type [[Bob (or another part of any aliases of your option) and wait a little it’ll also suggests Bob, Bobs and Bobby, and the link could become [[Bob|Bobs]] if you selected that option.

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Perfect. Thank you.

I only know a smattering yet but I wouldn’t have doubted this wasn’t possible :sweat_smile:

For reference, the official help page about aliases:

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