How to make long press work

What I’m trying to do

On Android, long press doesn’t bring up the context menu inside the editor.
Without the context menu, e.g. Excalidraw is hardly usable, though the same problem exists inside the MD editor.

Is there any setting I miss that enables the long press menu?

Things I have tried

The long press works in the Files tree, but not in the editors.

In the MD editor, the Android Copy/Paste menu is shown; in Excalidraw, no menu at all.

I’ve tried double press too.

In the MD editor, the workaround is to add the “Show context menu under cursor” into the Mobile menu. This works only with keyboard, so in Excalidraw this doesn’t help.


Android 14 (tablet), android 13 (phone), Obsidian 1.5.8, lots of plugins

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