How to make <img> work in Obsidian?

I used to take notes by Typora. In Typora, large amount of tags are used to zoom images. But in Obsidian they can’t be shown properly. I tried full path from somebody’s advice, sadly it doesn’t work in my mac. More hopefully, I am forward to that relative path could make sense, because I use my files in several devices by Github.

The following do not work:

<img src="menmen.assets/image-20220115121132628.png" align=left />
<img src="/Users/clara/LocalGitHub/DoraemonPocket/玩手帐/menmen.assets/image-20220115121132628.png" align=left />

Grateful for any help!


<img src="file:///Users/clara/LocalGitHub/DoraemonPocket/玩手帐/menmen.assets/image-20220115121132628.png" align=left />


Thank you!

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Welcome. Assume it worked.

Angel :angel:

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